Hugo was born in West Sussex, married to Pippa, with two grown-up children.

His mother was an eccentric picture restorer. His father was a farmer and lawyer. As a dyslexic, he went to a myriad of schools, mainly because, in those days, dyslexia had hardly been invented, let alone treated. It was known as ‘word-blindness’ and dyslectics were thought to be ‘simple’ and below intelligence. How wrong they were!

Hugo is a caterer by training and ran various bars and restaurants in London before starting his own sandwich shops in the City of London in 1984 with his youngest brother, Oliver. In 1993 he opened designer sausage shops in Kent and Sussex, well before sausages became a fad. Unfortunately, after just over a year of trading, he was badly injured in a car accident and was airlifted to hospital, where Hugo remained for eight months being glued back together. Whilst in hospital he started writing, mainly about his experience during my ‘crippledom’ – as he called it.

In 2002, when Hugo was mainly recovered, he and Pippa moved to Cornwall to run a B&B. He wrote and self-published various cookbooks, on sandwiches, and then a book on breakfasts and brunch. For the past four years, Hugo has been writing a historical fiction trilogy – Charlotte’s War Trilogy. 




Book One in the Charlotte’s War Trilogy

Launched at The Padstow Booksellers November 5th 2022

CHARLOTTE is born, motherless and into a life of tragedy and adventure.  She is brought up by her uncaring aunt, and her uncle inherits her grandmother’s Parisian mansion in Avenue Foch, along with a priceless set of paintings – The Barrett Collection.

In her teens, Charlotte grows into a beautiful young woman. However, she is caught up in the invasion of Paris by the Nazis and the occupation of her mansion by the SS. She befriends a Turkish prostitute, MADAM THEODORA and falls in love with a handsome SS officer, JOST KRUPP.

Underlying all is Charlotte’s treacherous uncle, SIR JASON BARRETT, a senior British diplomat in Paris, who is head of a secret espionage organisation called WASP. 

One of the 5 Star reviews – “Girl On A Golden Pillow is a wonderful fictional tale of friendship, love,  family, death, spies and a whole lot more;  set against the rise of Hitler’s Nazi party and the invasion of France.” 


Book Two in the Charlotte’s War Trilogy

Launched at The Big Festive Indie Book Launch at Foyles of London December 5th 2023.

FREYA JORGENSEN is not her real name. Charlotte de Tournet had to hide her true identity when the Germans rolled into Paris. The SS took over her Avenue Foch mansion, Le Palais, for use by high-ranking Nazis as a place to relax away from the war.

She is young and beautiful and is held virtually captive in her Paris mansion. Her only trusted friend is Theodora, a Turkish prostitute and courtesan at Le Palais. Freya unwisely falls in love with a handsome SS officer, Jost Krupp.

As Freya discovers her lover is a mass and indiscriminate killer, she and Theodora escape Le Palais before her identity is discovered and the mansion is blown up. With the help of Baron Ferdi Saumures, they flee Paris and travel to southwest France and meet British SOE agent, Bertrand.

Freya’s adventures are just beginning. 

One of the 5 Star reviews –“Get ready to be whisked away to the city of love and lights, where danger lurks beneath the surface! Charlotte’s War is a heart-pounding, heart-wrenching historical thriller that will leave you breathless.” 

The first and second books in a trilogy by debut author Hugo Woolley. A vivid and exciting story set in the turmoil of the Second World War in Paris.


THE WASP TRAP will be published on 21st August 2024.

The final book in the Charlotte’s War Trilogy

After a turbulent few years, war correspondent and journalist Alec Ballantine’s long-awaited peace and quiet is abruptly interrupted. The local vicar, Father Joe Dent, pounds on the door of Alec’s Battersea apartment, on a Sunday evening, claiming to have killed a man in his church.

Alec and his colleague, Philip Bing-Wallace, investigate and become entangled in an intriguing mystery, linked to the dazzling Baroness Freya Saumures. But Freya is not her real name … Alec is told she is Charlotte, a young woman thought to have been killed by the Nazis in 1940.

Alec finds himself plunged into in a world of deceit, vengeance and recrimination. He falls in love with Charlotte, despite her mysterious past, her treacherous uncle, and the murder of her husband.

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Girl On A Golden Pillow

Charlotte’s War

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